Sunday, October 30, 2011

Come on HIP HOP do we really have to have the Gay look!

Kanye West and Jay Z took to the stage in ATLANTA this weekend - to kick off the WATCH THE THRONES tour.
According to MOST people . . . the tour is AMAZING. The music is GREAT . . . and so are the performances.
But one thing STRUCK concertgoers - Kanye's choice of outfits. The promoters are saying that he's wearing a "kilt." But given that it's NOT plaid . . . and Kanye's NOT Scottish. We think that the more appropriate term for what he has on is a "skirt."
Rappers are wearing LEGGINGS, and SKIRTS, and R&B singers are wearing RED BOTTOMS. Urban culture is going through a . . . DIFFERENT . . phase!!!

Pic courtesy of Media Takeout

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